Sunburst Beach VacationsThanks to all who are part of the Seaside Repertory Theatre’s community, including the members and our Membership Sponsor, Sunburst Beach Vacations.  Please remember to support those who support the Rep!


Elizabeth Cork Charitable Gift Fund
Robert and Daryl Davis
The Dugas Family Foundation

PRODUCER $2,500-$4,999

Jack and Karen Holland
Andy Lombara and Terri Polk
David and Phyllis Scruggs

DIRECTOR $1,000-$2,499

Tina and Bryan Corr
Steven and Wendy Durbin
Ann and George Hartley
Malcolm and Jeanne Holmes
Buz and Susan Livingston
Susan and David Lowery
Linda Miller
Paige and Mark Schnell
Jane Solomon
The Angrist Family
Bert and Susan Trucksess
Gene and Leta Voss

BENEFACTOR $500-$999

Kristine and Jason Beer
Cindi and Scott Cobine
Elizabeth Cork
Laura and Michael Granberry
Daniel Heard
Gail and Bruce Judd
Gerald Meinecke
Dale Trice and Tom Rymer

PATRON $250-$499

Allen Matthew Barber Memorial Fund
Wright and Pat Bagby
Fred and Linda Buehler
Robin and Gregg Crouch
Doc Ezell
Alan and Patricia Fiorenza
Michele and John Foreman
Suzanne Lagratta
Bonita Loman
Sherry Londe & Dr. Stephen Phlaum
Tom Losee
Sanders and Rachel McKee
Demetria McNeese
William Mitchell
Julie and Charlie Modica
John Morrison
Pauline and Austin Neuhoff
Cheri and Bob Peebles
Paige and Sam Peek
William Posey
Ron and Lauren Romano
Helen and Warren Roos
Nancy and Barron Strother
Andy Sumblin
Beth Thoele
Ed Toole
Suzanne and Tom Watson

SPONSOR $125-$249

Lace Archibald
Nancy Baker
David Bludworth
Lori Bradley
Kelly and Billy Buzzet
Garner Chandler
Bruce Collier
Blaine and Jenny Dargavell
Richard and Kim Fouquet
Stacey and Reynolds Henderson
Payson and Steve Howard
Yulia and John Houghtailing
Nancy H. Isakson
Rod Joly
Calvin and Diana Mann
Judith F. and S. Whitacker Meyer
Rick and Cannon Montague
William Posey
Don and Neva Rountree
Jaceena Shephard
Daniel Smith
Rick and Nan Sroufe
Kurt and Barbara Tape
Larry and Debbie Taylor
Howard Tonn
Paul and Arlene Vanderbilt
Janet Wallace
Jeff and Sheila Wachsman
William D. and Susan Withers

FRIEND $60-$124

Jacqueline Adams
Susan Alfieri
Dan and Sally Bailey
Martin Bailey
Llod and Renae Baylard
Debbie Bell
Ted and Nancy Beer
Georgia Binns
Joel and Laura Blackstock
Scott Bruns
Carol and Bill Burgess
Joseph Carragher
Gail and Phil Carron
Nina Chase
Robert and Janice Cirincione
Edward Cloos Jr.
Robert Conklin
Travis Currie
James Darnell
Robert and Malayne DeMars
Peter DeFranco
Maggie Dickhaus
Jami Eliason
Michele Ezell
Pamela Flow
Evan Fouquet
Arlene Gagliano
Feleicia Gledhill
Barbara Gudgel
Linda Habib
William Harrell
Angie Harris
Ann Hofferberth
Nina and Garrett Horn
John and Kathy Houlihan
David Jalkower
Jacquee Jorgensen
Judge and Miki McFatter
Cathy and Jeff Kaufman
Bill and Pat Kern
Bobbi Kirk
Bob Mackey
Holli McCaslin
Nina McCaslin-Horn
Rawlins and Angela McKinney
Virginia McPhearson
Rex and Roseanne Mills
MaryLee Minor
Rita Montgomery
Haynes and Teresa Morris
Lynn Nesmith
Biffer Noble
Darla Ogle
Tammy Phillips
Kerri Price
Erinn Sanders
Julie Selleck
Christi Sheffield
Guy Spearman
Carol Spinelli & David Jalkower
Tommy Smith
Judy and Peter Stoddard
Jacob Thomas
Shonda Trantina
Diana Tucker
Joan Vienot
Ed Walborsky
David Weck
Shannon Widman

Thank you to each of you for helping the Seaside Repertory Theatre continue to be Northwest Florida’s Premier Theatre.

Please accept our sincere apology if your name has been inadvertently omitted from this list and please call 850-231-0733 to correct any mistakes or omissions.


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