The Many Faces of the REP

Seaside Repertory Theatre is made possible by the tireless work of many people who have a passion for the theatre. Professional theatre is a labor of love that requires many people to wear many different hats. We are so thankful to continue to have a group of professionals and dedicated volunteers who come together to bring live theatre to our region. Below, we would like to acknowledge a few of those people who give so much, though there are countless others who give support in many ways, and we are grateful for all their help. Again, thank you to all who contribute.


Seaside Repertory Theatre is committed to its long-range vision of building itself into a world-class regional theatre company, and its immediate mission of providing high-quality professional theatre to audiences of all ages. We seek to be the premier arts organization in Northwest Florida, providing programs and productions that make an essential and lasting contribution to the quality of life in our area.


Founded in the spring of 2001, Seaside Repertory Theatre is Northwest Florida’s premier professional theatre company. Celebrating its tenth season, the REP has built itself into a first-rate regional theatre, attracting some of the finest talent from around the country. The REP’s host of talented theatre professionals and group of dedicated volunteers work together to entertain over 25,000 people each year. Having established an indoor home on the stage of the 75-seat Meeting Hall Theatre in downtown Seaside, Florida, the REP has never stopped broadening its horizons, adding new programming and new venues in Seaside and beyond to better reach its expanding audience base.


Any interested local high-school aged students are invited to join the Seaside Repertory Theatre’s Internship Program. During the summer, each intern dedicates 15 hours per week/60 hours per month to learning and performing every responsibility associated with operating a professional theatre, including working backstage crews for sets, lights, sound, costumes and props. Interns work closely with professional directors, designers, crew, and actors while providing labor support, in order to understand each process from start to finish. Rep interns also operate the box office and perform house management and ushering duties during the Rep’s main stage productions. Workshops with professional company members are offered, teaching the interns different artistic elements of theatre. Workshops include acting through monologue work and scene study, improv techniques, script analysis and writing, and directing short scenes. Every summer and winter the interns produce a play, directed by a Rep professional company member, and presented on the Rep’s main stage, with all proceeds directly benefiting the Rep Intern Program. For more information, please send an email to

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of the Seaside Repertory Theatre is made up of a group of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and work to steward the theatre towards the pursuit of its company’s mission. The Board meets regularly as a group and also in committees to ensure the continued success of the Seaside Repertory Theatre. The Board also serves as the primary ambassadors of the company, and is very involved in all aspects of the Rep including fund raising, event coordination, strategic development, marketing, programming, play selections, business operations and finance. We are very thankful to these individuals for the leadership they provide, and their dedication to see that the Seaside Repertory Theatre continues to be successful for many years to come. Only with the tremendous efforts of knowledgeable volunteers from various backgrounds, who make up the many faces of the REP, does the theatre thrive.

2013 Board of Governorss

Jeff Armstrong
Dan Bailey
Fred Buehler
Travis Currie
Jenny Dargavell
Payson Howard
Steve Howard
Gail Judd
Susan Livingston
Madra McDonald
Kerri Price
Mike Ragsdale
Paige Schnell
Marie Solomon
Bert Trucksess
Tom Watson