Play Reading at The Rep! April 16 at 7:30. Tickets are $10

birthafterbirthThis witty and sophisticated satire by playwright, Tina Howe, takes place during a child’s fourth birthday party. The boy’s parents have invited another couple, anthropologists renowned for their international studies of childhood behavior. The adults become so involved in debating various theories of child rearing and telling each other stories that they forget to actually be parents.

“A stunning theatrical experience that explores the magic and madness in family dynamics.” -Main Line Times

“An antic farce and a poignant drama … that is laugh out loud funny and disturbingly sober…. It’s a pearl.” – Metropolitan D.C. Times

“One of [Tina Howe’s] significant works…. Will be remembered as the high point of Philadelphia’s annual Theatre Week.” – TheatreWeek

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