River Rat and Cat at Alys Beach

River Rat and Cat (free)

Comedy. By Y York.

 Alys Beach Amphitheatre

Mondays March 5-April 2 @ 5pm;

Thursdays May 31-August 9 @ 6:30pm

From the day fastidious River Rat hauled a drowning sodden Cat from a sinking basket (thinking Cat was some unique collectible), all of the river creatures have been dismayed by the camaraderie of this unlikely duo. Unbeknownst to River Rat and Cat, their downstream neighbor, Dale Beaver, has cast an eye on the one remaining tree, a tree currently owned by River Rat and inhabited by Cat. Beaver needs this tree if the Dale Beaver Dam is to remain the tallest on the river. Beaver must break up this friendship so that Rat will evict Cat. It’s a Keystone Kops kind of komedy for kids and their kin.

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